Monday, October 5, 2009

Two Homes

So I thought about it last night and read this mornings comments on my previous post (thank you all so much btw for your input, it's VERY much appreciated!) and have decided to maintain BOTH blogs.

Here's the twist.

Blogger will remain my MAIN site to blog at but when I feel the need to rant and rave and password protect, I will post over at Wordpress and then link back to it here at Blogger.

I am reluctant to leave Blogger because I do like the fact that I can customise it and make it look pretty much how I want it to and you can't do that with Wordpress. In fact the only think Wordpress has going for it, IS the fact that you can password protect it.

1 comment:

  1. Cindy doesn't have tabs as such, but instead has links to old blog posts. You need to make posts with the content you want and then add a link to them where ever you want them. You can use graphics like Cindy has to make them look like tabs, but that's a bit more complicated.

    If you need some help just email me.