Thursday, October 1, 2009

TGIT - Thank God It's Thursday

Yes yes I know it SHOULD read Thank God It's Friday - TGIF and normally it would


Thursday is my Friday and so from this week I will be making a TGIT post and my fellow bloggy friends do not despair, do not read my TGIT posts and think cow! How dare she celebrate her weekend a day before we get to! Who does she think she is? Instead look at it as getting into the weekend celebrations early!!

And so tonight in true TGIT style, I'm bustin out my dance moves all over my lounge room while my dogs (and BikerMan I might add!) look at me like I'm having some kind of medical seizure and debate whether to call the men in the white coats from the asylum or the ambulance service!!

And what am I bustin my dance moves to? Well this of course, a video compiled of the dance moves of one of the few women that I'd turn gay for (her sense of humour does it for me as does her smile!) and the soundtrack to it is killer, I *heart* The Kooks song She Moves in Her Own Way....


  1. Love it !! I am was having a shitty day and THIS put the biggest Smile on my face ! Love the Kooks !

  2. I heart Ellen SO much!!

    I'll have to fight you for her! lol lol

    There is an award for you over on my blog sweetness!



  3. I love Ellen! Thanks for posting that and I hope you had a fabulous Thursday night!