Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Home

So even after redoing my digs and giving them a makeover, I'm still not happy...*sigh*

A few people recently have said that they wish they could password protect certain posts and this thought has been dancing across my mind of late too. If I could limit who saw what I typed in certain situations I'd be more tempted to be alot more open than I already am.

It frustrates me how blogger doesn't give you the option of only password protecting certain posts and so I'm contemplating a move to WordPress.

Here is the link....

Please people I'm after your thoughts! What do you think of how my other blog looks like? Do you blog at blogger, Wordpress or self host and why do you blog where you do?

Even though I've imported my posts to the other blog, I'm still in two minds as to whether to 'move' there or not....

I will be waiting with baited breath on people's thoughts!


  1. I personally like how the blog looks on blogger more than wordpress. but if the functionality is better on wordpress, then that should be the decision-maker. But then, I've always been a function-over-form kind of girl.

  2. I really wish there was an option for p/w or even friends only posts for blogger. There are times when I want to rant and rave and just type a whole load of offending bollox about family but the nosy bastards keep reading!

    I like the current layouts of blogger, but there are always really really cool layouts for Wordpress.

    Regardless where you go, it will still be you, and I promise I'll still follow.


  3. I like the new digs hun. I can't speak about wordpress, as I've never tried it... but I like blogger, but with reservations. I do have some minor issues. I've thought of looking into wordpress, but I've been with blogger for so long... that I just kinda stick with it.

    Best wishes hun.

  4. There is a way to password protect Blogger blogs. I saw it during ICLW a few months back. I don't think I saved the link. if I find it, I'll email it to you.

    I love your new look. On both blogs. I've always loved your blog though. I love the cursive writing. It's very pretty and relaxing.

  5. I've used both blogger and wordpress. I don't utilize the password protect post much but when I do its nice to have it. I think you have more freedom on blogger. You can put a statcounter on, you can't do that with wordpress and it drives me crazy not knowing exactly who is reading. I know the iP addresses of some people I dont want reading, but I can't check on wordpress because their stats are very very general. I never had ads, but you can't do that on wordpress either.

    If its very important to do password protected I'd switch, but otherwise, there's not much more benefit. In some ways i wish I never switched to wordpress but I like the layout of my wordpress blog. I'm totally computer illiterate and can't come up with cute stuff like you have on your own blog. So for you I'm not sure I'd see the benefit of moving, unless the password protected is a big deal.

  6. My biggest negative for using Wordpress is that Blogger is finicky about letting me log in with my WP identity to comment on blogs. In fact, we are on three attempts and counting to post this comment. I know that other people have had problems with this as well.

    I like the layout of both blogs, but I prefer the header you've designed for Blogger seems more optimistic.

  7. i prefer blogger to wordpress and find reading blogs very much more user friendly. you need to do whats right for you but would miss your story if you move, but would understand

  8. I'm now self hosted but prior to that was Wordpress all the way because of the functionality!

  9. I like blogger. and I have to confess, I always end up falling away from the blogs that password protect. It's just too much work to do passwords when I'm not on my computer where I remember them, etc... Plus I prefer the interface of blogger.

    I dont know... One of the ways I've found blogs in my searching and hitting all posts. It's always said when a blog always ends early, either because updating stops or because someone moves.

  10. I love Wordpress! There is so much you can do, I'm still discovering things I can add - different pages, several columns, comment editing is cool, and of course the password protection feature is very nice.