Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the end of the road post

it's over

i'm done ttc

if i get knocked up so be it

but we are not actively trying

instead we are living

with this decision comes a new blog

at a new addy

i will still blog about life after ttc

but i will become one of those rareties in our blogosphere

a ttc who is now blogging about life after ttc

not actively ttc

i've noticed that there are not many of us around

and so i'm happy to add my new blog to this group

i'm hoping i don't lose any of my readers in my move

i love you all very much and appreciate all of my readers thoughts

and of course comments

my new blog can be found here:

please please PLEASE come over and keep reading me

i don't want to be lonely over there!


  1. Ya know, I will follow you wherever you go.

  2. I shall keep reading. Well done on going to a place that is so hard, a place where none of us hope to end up, but some do. I hope going there brings some peace.

  3. I will definitely follow! I am sorry you have had to make this decision, but I am glad you are able to move on. See you there!

  4. What does not actively TTC'ing mean??? I really need to know how one does that? I have many friends who've tried and only been successful when going on the pill, it was the only way to switch their minds off the possiblity of TTC. If you figure it out, please share the secret.
    And I'll follow still!

  5. I'll be putting this address in my feeder momentarily...

  6. Coming over. Do you want me to add the new space to the blogroll?

  7. Happy ICLW ! I admire your decision to take back your life and start afresh. I am going to go and check out your new blog:)

  8. I will follow you and I wish you the best on your journey. Love you back. Happy ICLW. Shell http://romancingthestone.wordpress.com