Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Look (surprise surprise!) and New Attitude

I will explain in a longer post tonight but rest assured it IS still me blogging but with a (hopefully) new attitude and so new look.....the title says it all really....whatever will be....

Back later xx


  1. Ooooo tre jolie!!
    (I can't work out how to do french accents on the computer!)

    How is ur head cold?
    U wanna share my dimetapp??


  2. Loving it! Can't wait for the full reveal!!!

  3. oOoOo dimetapp, sure shall I email you my measuring cup?

  4. Cool new look and looking forward to your sure-to-be-fascinating post on the new look and 'tude.... I hope it gives me some insight into how to change my OWN cranky 'tude! ;-)

  5. I love the new look and attitude! The Dalai Lama said it perfectly! I hope you find lots of hope and happiness!

    My "perfect neighbors" are pregnant again...surprise, surprise! She came over to tell me and ask me to hurry and make a playmate for her babies. She thinks we don't have kids by choice...I was tempted to show my nursery that is only missing a baby but thought she might think of me as a freak since I have EVERYTHING but a baby, lol!


  6. I like your new look :)