Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is Wrong With the World?

I ask this question this morning with two stories in mind.

The first is that Celine Dion is pregnant with her second child. How did she become pregnant with her second child? With an embryo that had been frozen for eight years in liquid nitrogen. This in itself is pretty amazing (and completely fucked), what's even more amazing is that she's going to become a Mum for the second time at the ripe ole age of 42 and Rene Angelil (minus all the fancy symbols above his name) will become a Dad at the even riper ole age of 68!?! Thats right, he will face parenthood for a second time as a pensioner.

I'm not sure what everyone else thinks of this but I have a couple of issues with it all.

The first is Rene's age. I'm sorry but just because men can become parents at 68 does not mean that they should. It's just wrong. I doubt that when that child is 3, that a 71 year old Rene will be able to run around after him/her (and yes I know they will probably have a nanny to do that but honestly as a parent, wouldn't he want to run around with his child?). What are the chances that Rene will be around to see his second (or perhaps even his first child) get married? Graduate University? It just doesn't seem right and I have real problems with it when there are so many husbands/partners of people I know who are desperate to become Dads who are in their 20's and 30's, even their early 40's and yet Fatherhood eludes them. I don't want to get into the whole 'who deserves it and who doesn't" or "no one deserves to be a father more than anyone else" but there simply must be questions asked when a man approaching 70 is set to become a Father.

The second is that she got knocked up with sprog with an embryo that is essentially 8 years old and she did it first time! I mean come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Hardly fair is it? Especially when you don't have to look far around our lil ALI blogosphere to find so many example of women who are trying to get knocked up with 'fresh' embryo's yet aren't successful time and time again. In what warped, fucked up world does a 41 year old woman get knocked up with a 8 year old embryo first time?!?

The second story, has thankfully, been proven to be a hoax, otherwise it could have seriously tipped me over the edge. A woman in Tunisia earlier this week claimed to be knocked up with 12 (yes thats right 12!) babies. 6 girls and 6 boys (how convenient!) and was determined to give birth to them naturally (yeah right). The story has now proven to be false and apparently the woman in question has "psychological problems" and is unlikely even pregnant.


  1. Ummmmmm wow and wow. I am so thankful that the second story is false. As for the first leads me to ask "Can money really buy happiness?" I mean if we were filthy rich, we wouldn't think twice about IVF or the many other very costly fertility treatments and we could have our children when it is convenient for us after we have made a bigillion dollars and now find it convenient to have children.
    GRRRRRRRR So not fair

  2. I don't know. Celine and her husband are so rich, they will be cared for long beyond their father's nursing home days...she doesn't irk me at all really. Her struggles with IF have been well publicized and she has been very outspoken in a positive way...the IF community needs that. Most celebrities would have just claimed they "bathed in fertility waters" or "had a natural surprise" or something.

    ...but considering the reality of FET stats, I'm left scratching my head that her one frostie made it. And wishing my two do well in their thaw tomorrow.

  3. Yes that one frostie of hers must have been frozen in "fertility waters".

    I don't have a problem with her per say, I just have an issue with older (by this I mean older like 55/60 and above) becoming parents, I just don't think it's the responsible thing to do.

    As for the children being cared for long beyond their fathers nursing home days, that is my whole point, it's not right.

    p.s. GOOD LUCK for your thaw tomorrow!!!

  4. I try to ignore the celebs and their baby making. Makes me upset usually...

    As to the woman with 12 babies... Thank God that is a hoax. I feel sick every single time I hear about octomom- I cant imagine this tragedy (if it were real).

  5. thanks for reading my ramblings. and celine dion can suck it. not for her freaky grandpa/science baby, but for that backward tuxedo-thing she wore that one time. and also for annoying the shit out of me w/ pretty much every song she ever sings, ever.

  6. Hmmm you made some very interesting points. I'm not sure how I feel about Rene being a father at 68. On one hand, I don't think it's right, but then again, I think "is it any of my business?" SO I guess I'm kind of stuck in the middle. I do find it awfully amazing/crazy she got pregnant with the one 8 year old(!) embryo! That's awfully good luck...

    Oh dear Goddess! I am SO relieved the story was false! That would have made me sick to think about it!

  7. I really love the new font thing that you have going on the blog.

    I read about the Tunisian Woman on BabySmiling's and I wanted to gag. However, with the Nadyas of the world, I am not going to pay attention to mulitple birthers who have a willing, potent womb and no brains.

    And I actually think you have a lot of courage to say what you said about Celine Dion. I do not think that her hubs would be at the right age when the kid turns 3, but that does not mean that Dion does not deserve to be a mother. Maybe she would be there to go and carry her parenting to the kids.

    I have never really thought much about the Dion thing as such, but yeah, I guess I do not mind her fulfilling her dream.

    And you know, Kismet, Karma and Popcorn.

  8. I was so relieved that story about the Tunisian women turned out to be false.

    Two other things...I fixed the link to get the Ink Tour button. And, I was reading your loss/IF history and it sounds very similar to my secondary infertility string of losses. I don't know what, if any, testing you have had done but, if you would like to email me, I would be willing to share the details of what we found and how it was dealt with.
    cruzowlpost @ earthlink dot net

  9. Thanks for your note on my entry :) Didn't her husband also have some sort of health scare?

  10. Interesting post...I'm actually thrilled for Celine because at least she has been honest about her infertility. And really, so many people are becoming parents at varied and older ages, that doesn't bother me so much. I wouldn't do it...but it apparently works for them. Really I'm just happy she has shared her real story with the world. I hope everyone who has a FET can be as lucky!

  11. Along with you, I'm so glad that the 12-baby story has been proven false! I'm actually a little bit happy for Celine -- although I can't really stand her otherwise, I've always been a fan of her honesty about IF.

  12. Regarding Celine... I wonder if it was her first try at #2, or if she's been doing IVF for months (years?) in order to get here. I agree with the other commenter, money might buy happiness, especially when money is no object and multiple back-to-back IVFs are a common occurrence. While I'm happy she's finally going to have another baby, I feel bad for the kid, because I really, really don't think Rene will live long enough to see the child do much, considering his age.

    As for the 12 babies... it's a bit sad that a woman would make this up, but even more so because she believes it to be true. Glad she isn't expecting so many, because honestly, I can't imagine taking care of three infants, let alone 12!

  13. I hate to be judgmental, but becoming a dad at 68 is completely selfish. There's no way that child will have the involved and energetic he should. You've been through so much and I think it's awesome that you seem to keep your chin up as much as you have. Hang in there!

  14. I have to agree- Rene is just being selfish. Celine is lucky, though, that the school age embryo seemed to have spent that time learning exactly how to implant. The 12xpregnancy- thank whatever deity you want that that was false!

  15. Great post! A couple of points here, yes, my god honestly a father at 68, give me a break!! Secondly, lovely font on the site, very nice to read. Thirdly, I agree with the commenter who said it would be nice if celebs were honest about their IF journey, 'fertility waters', every time I hear that I go pffft, whatever!! And finally, I 100% agree with the comment about Octomom, that makes me really sick, especially as those are the bloody stories that people hear about the IF world and think that we are all like it - grrr, that makes me angry!!

    Journey Girl ICLW