Friday, July 10, 2009

Healing...its time.

My lack of blogging has been because I'm just not in the right headspace to put words on a screen.

Normally blogging helps me clear my head, gets rid of the cobwebs and helps me in the grief process but at the minute I'm running from it clear in the opposite direction and I'm not sure why.

This post by Sharon a couple of weeks ago got me thinking and has made me wonder whether or not I should start getting back into the spiritual side of things again in order to help me deal with what I'm feeling at the minute.

I've been looking at religion in a new light recently and have been wondering if it will help ease my pain, help me deal with my grief and get my life back on track.

I suppose when I say religion I should clarify that I don't do Christianity, I have nothing against people who do follow the Christian faith but it's not for me.

I have leanings more towards Buddhism. I'm going to try to incorporate some meditation in my daily routine as of next week, take time for me and start to appreciate every day things on a daily basis.

I'm also thinking about going to an Intuitive Healer as Sharon did.


  1. I have a dear friend who was born and raised in Tibet -- so she's the real-deal when it comes to Buddhism. I find her beliefs and spiritual life fascinating, inspiring, and much more fulfilling than my Catholic upbringing EVER was. Through her, I've learned it's all about being a good person, letting go of our attachments, being present, accepting life as it comes and being grateful. Is this how I strive to live my life ... uh, totally. I haven't quite gotten myself to the point of actually trying to practice Buddhism myself but I'm very interested.

    Feel ya, girl, re: writing here. But, selfishly, I hope you'll keep writing. Although look at me with all the posting pictures instead of writing. ;-)

    Can't move on without moving on. Blogs are a love hate thing, right?

  2. Meditation is nice, with or without religion involved :) I should get back on it, it really helped me to calm and deal with things when I was younger.

    Best wishes hun.

  3. I hope you can find religion to help you heal. Whatever makes you happy is right for you. Sending you much love and peace.

  4. I love meditating. It definitely puts me in a much better place.

  5. Meditating is really good for me, but I don't do it very often, unfortunately. I also had a reading done of my spirit baby, twice now in the last year. The first reading blew my mind. The second was much more nebulous, but helpful just the same.