Thursday, July 2, 2009


I want to give one but honestly I don't have one.

Writer's block, laziness, lack of wanting to blog. I'm just going thro a funk right now and honestly who wants to read a blog that's mostly going to be dribble?

One thing I will comment on tho since I'm sitting up at 3.26am tapping away on my laptop in bed, is that there seems to be another pregnancy tsunami hitting the ALI community. I have had at least 8 'announcement' posts in my blog roll in the past week!

I always glance over my blog roll before clicking on a blog, just to see if I can guess what the author has written about before I read it and every single recent announcement I've managed to guess before I've even read their post LOL not too sure whether that makes me psychic or everyone needs to be more creative in their blog post titles LOL

Quick question....what does everyone think of knocked up's complaining about every little thing related to their pregnancy? Recently I've come across alot of this, from bitchin about morning sickness (I'll happily trade places with you - no honestly I really will), to getting a itty bitty lil belly on them (you're growing a baby, surely you knew this was going to happen?) and my favourite at the minute is not being able to fit into their favourite shoes - seriously. I couldn't resist not commenting on that one and happily offered the Mum to be that was complaining, an endless supply of new shoes to swap places with her and that I'd happily give up ever being able to fit into ANY shoe to be in her hit home because she said she totally understood where I was coming from but still....

I don't begrudge these Mum to be's right to complain I just think sometimes they forget how many thousands upon thousands of women would eagerly swap places with them. Having a baby seems to have been taken for granted by so many for so long, few appear to realise what a true blessing and total miracle it is TO get knocked up.


  1. You know, I understand an IF'er getting pregnant and feeling like she's not allowed to complain about her pregnancy symptoms is a tough spot to be in and may feel like a double standard...but most people have plenty of people IRL that they can complain to about that stuff, right? Why complain on your IF blog to other IF'ers?
    Now, I still believe everyone should be able to write whatever they want without having to worry about being flamed.
    Sometimes I care, and I read it and say to myself that the person is ungrateful and I don't want to hear the complaining...but other times it doesn't bother me much.
    If you're ended up in the ER b/c of vomiting, or having some other serious issues, no problem. Complain away. But if it's stuff that every other pregnant woman is dealing with and is going to piss off every woman that wishes they could enjoy morning sickness themselves, you won't find any pity here.
    I do have to say that the last couple pregnancy announcements I saw in my reader made me feel better, mostly because I was getting depressed and wondering if anyone ever gets off this damn infertility carousel?
    Okay, my comment is kinda rambly and disjointed...sorry.

  2. Hey no need to apologise, ramble away!

    I agree with feeling happy for the people who have recently's nice to get thrown pieces of good news every now and then, it gives us other IFer's hope that we too will one day be writing one of those types of posts.

  3. I get pissed when people complain. After 3 m/c and 3 infant losses due to prematurity, I'd give my right eye to have a normal, non high risk, full term pregnancy. I cant handle the whining. I have to excuse myself in the real world or not read in the blogging one. I'm getting better, but it is still hard to stomach when all I can think is how much I would have taken their complaint in spades if it meant not losing my children.