Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show and Tell - My 30th

I haven't participated in a Show and Tell for awhile now but think it's about time that I throw myself into it again and I have a cracker for my return! Once you've finished, how about heading over to Mel's to see what the rest of the class is showing?

So it was my 30th yesterday and honestly I feel absolutely no freakin different, I don't even feel like I've aged a day, no matter a whole year!

We had a party on Saturday night just gone. Nothing fancy, just very relaxed. Invited a few friends and some family. The weather did NOT participate on the night, it was bucketing down with rain, gale force winds and thunder and lightening came to the party too....hey they didn't want to miss out on the cake ya know? Despite all this, we managed to not only stay dry and warm (because it was freaking cold!) but we also had a blast.

It was my Mum and Dads 38th Wedding Anniversary on the Friday (the day before) and so of course my Mum wasn't in that great a place BUT luckily my Godmother was also there and when her and my Mum get together....well lets just say laugh riot would be a good way to describe it. They've known each other longer than I've been alive, and are a rotten influence on each other which of course means it's freakin fabulous when they get together! The wine followed, the laughter was loud and Mum was happy or as happy as she possibly could be given the cirumstances.

I got some awesome pressies, not that I was expecting anything to be honest, I didn't invite people for their gift giving abilities and would have been happy for them just to turn up but hey who am I kidding, a great gift is always going to be well received!

My best pressie though was from Bikerman....he truly spoilt me this year....

He had told me that he wanted to buy me a ring for my birthday and so we had gone out looking a couple of weeks ago, thinking it would take us awhile to find the "perfect" ring.

It did take us awhile but not as long as we were expecting!

We found this little beauty and as soon as I tried it on, knew it was "the one". It was and is absolutely breathtaking on and just sparkles!

It's an 18 carat gold ring with nearly a full carat of princess cut diamonds.

It cost more than any other piece of jewellery I own, including my engagement and eternity rings and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Whats been hard is knowing that it's been sitting in his drawer and that I haven't been able to wear it for nearly a month! Bikerman told me that I could wear it as soon as we bought it but it just didn't seem right, so we packed it away and he gave it back to me the night before my party.

I've been spoilt, there is no doubt about it and I know how very lucky I am.....even if we can't add a piece to the puzzle that is our least we, as two, managed to find each other in amongest all the other puzzles pieces in the world and wouldn't you know it? We fit perfectly together.....


  1. happy birthday! your mum and godmother sound a lot like my mama and her long time friends...great booze, great friends and great memories. your new ring is absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful gift!

  2. Beautiful ring. Happy 30th. I just turned 31. I can see how fast the years are going to creep up. Your ring is similar to my wedding band but mine is white gold. So we have similar taste!

  3. Happy birthday! What a gorgeous ring!

  4. Happy Birthday! That is a truly amazing present!

  5. Happy birthday, love! I'm so glad you had a good time. How bittersweet for your mom. I hope she's doing well. Bikerman, that ring is BEAUTIFUL! Good work ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday! That is a beeeeyootiful ring :)

  7. Happy birthday!! What a gorgeous ring! I love it!

  8. To quote one of my favourite childhood movies... "Oooooo, you got a sparkly!" Stunning!

  9. Gorgeous ring!! Nice pick! ; )

  10. Beautiful! What a wonderful present!