Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Project 31

I'm 30 three weeks today. Eeeeek!

To be honest I'm not actually scared of the number because after all it IS just that, a number. I'm more scared of what 30 represents. It feels like a changing of the guard. I've moved the "goal" posts so many times already and yet here I am moving them again. Instead of having at least one child by my 30th I'll have none and instead be contemplating whether or not to even bother to try for one anymore.

My upcoming 30th is also making me look back on the last 10 years of my life and wondering what the hell have I been up to for 10 years? Do you ever look at your life and think, ugh rut or what?

My life has no oomph!

I've never skydived or bungee jumped, I've had no "capers" (ca·per - A frivolous escapade or prank.) to speak of. I think life should be filled with capers and yet I've had none, not a one!

And so I came up with Project 31.

In my 31st year (which I will enter the day after my 30th) I want to accomplish at least 31 things. 31 things I've never done before. 31 things I've probably never thought to do before. 31 things I've thought to do before and then dismissed them because I'm not "crazy enough" (read scared, lazy OR boring) to do them.

I have a start on the list and some things in mind BUT I'm also looking for suggestions for what else should make the list, and ask for you all the rack your brains as to what would be on YOUR list should you make one. It can be anything (as long as it's not illegal!) and everything.

Please head over to Project 31, I've listed an email addy which you can send your suggestions to and after I've made the first post on the blog later today you can always leave suggestions on the comment section.

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's suggestions!


  1. what a great idea! I turn 29 on Saturday, so perhaps I will start "30 things"!

  2. Great idea! You should take pictures and document you doing your 31 things. I added your other blog to my reader, so I can keep up. I, personally, would go for skydiving. could visit Oregon. Have you done THAT before? Just wondering ;o)

  3. That is a really neat idea! I can't wait to see "the list" And I would also like to hear about you marking them off your list, one by one ;)

  4. Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes on my blog.
    I LOVE your idea here for Project 31. I have to admit that it was very hard for me to turn 30. One of the best decisions my husband and I ever made, though, was to do some living during the time that we've been waiting. It was too hard to think of looking back on decades of disappointment.
    Good luck to you as you find your "oomph"! Maybe this seems like an obvious suggestion, but I say travel to a place you've always wanted to go - whether it's nearby or far away.

  5. Stunning Idea! Heading over to take a look!