Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What happens when you life doesn't plan out as planned.....

Remember when you were a kid? People would ask you what you wanted to be when you grow up?

I could never just answer one thing because there was always a miriad of things I wanted to be, to do, to see.

There was always two things that I never wanted to happen though. I never wanted to get married and I never wanted children, I was pretty vocal about both of those things from an early age. I wasn't the marrying kind and I certainly didn't want any screaming sprogs of my own.

Then I met, BikerMan and of course all that flew out the window.

I fell in love, hard and completely, after all how could I not? He's my soul.mate.

Then the bastard domesticated me. Made me want to keep house, clean up after him, make him cuppa's, cook for him, I will never forgive him for that LOL!

It was around this stage (about 6 months into our relationship) that I developed a yearning to want to produce offspring with him. I wanted mini relica's of him running around, I wanted to produce something that WE created. And so the obssession with TTC and getting knocked up began.

I had never up to this point, planned my life out by saying I want to be married by 26 and be popping out my first no latter than 28 and hopefully have two sprogs by my 30th. When I met BikerMan, I did. I was married at 21 and thought wow, this is cruising along, we should have a couple of sprogs by the time I'm 25! How foolish of me LOL. When 25 arrived and passed, I decided by 30 I'd have a sprog....

Well I turn 30 in just under two months and you know what, unless there is some whizz bang new treatment that gets you knocked up, squeezes 9 months of development in the womb down to a month, well I don't think I'm going to make that deadline!

And guess what?

I don't care. I'm about to embark on being a pillion passenger Biker Chick, having a sprog might cramp my style!

Life doesn't always work out how WE want it to but you will find that it DOES work out (it has for me!), you just have to want to let it......


  1. What a great guy you have there! Maybe someday, I'll feel as positive as you!

  2. My life has defnitely not worked out how I planned. I also planned to me married by 25 and have 2 children by 30. I'm 37 now. Oh well, like you it has worked out nonetheless.

  3. i had no plan. i just drifted from day to day, thank god.


  4. My plan was so different, I certainly didn't expect to be married at 19, or doing IVF at 21/22. But things happen I guess, especially when 'the one' comes along.